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Saturday, November 19, 2005

San Antonio ticket discount?

Rumors are swirling that tickets to the final Saints game in San Antonio against the Lions will be discounted, some half price. No such discount is being offered for Saints games in Baton Rouge, to my knowledge. If this is true, is Tom Benson trying to control attendance in Baton Rouge and San Antonio to his advantage?

True, the game against the Lions is set for Christmas Eve, but previous seasons have included games at the Superdome near holidays and, to my knowledge, no such discount has been extended.


As Matt Drudge would say, "Developing..."


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Blogger Joe R. Estrada said...

It's sad what has happens to LA. & N.O., and I hope they bounce back soon. I have purchased Saints ticket for Dec 24, and no discounts were offered. Therefore, the rumor is fiction. Also, Please keep the following in mind: It's more likely that the Saints will play in San Antonio in 2006, and who knows after that. A couple of facts to point out: 1. SA/Austin/Hill Country Metro population is 3.1 Million, compared to the State of LA.'s 4.5 Million. 2.)Ticket prices at the Alamodome range from $35 to $300, and are being sold, compared to Baton Rouge $15 to $89, at $89 a ticket SA folks would be lining up to purchased ticket for the next 5 years. Understand the sellout crowns in NO would there still be sellout without the state subsidies. 3.)One thing to remember is when the media mentions Benson's loyalty to LA. Fans, we must not forget us Texan who made Benson Rich in the 1st place. 4.) SA/Austin business based is wealthy with companies such as AT&T/Dell/Citibank/Washington Mutual/Valero/Chase/World Savings, and many more others. SA just announced the following:
Grand vision for East Side (Mega Sport Complex) to Include Stadiums for Football & Baseball next to SBC Center where the Current Spurs Champs Play. It is true that the SA Mayor said he would not support a new stadium with public monies, however the state would provide funds as attracting new businesses to Texas.

However, San Antonio is not the sleepy town it's been made out to be. The SA Metro area is wealthy, therefore the SA Mayor will support a new stadium with private & State investments. I just like to clear up few things for you LA folks. Also, we try not to let the emotions of our local leaders & media get the best of us. We can read in-between the lines, we Texans are very savvy business folks. Anyway, is the saints do decide to stay in SA; they will keep the metro support. With the money in the area, the saints could maybe afford to bring top-notch player.

Web Posted: 11/23/2005 12:00 AM CST
Elizabeth Allen
Express-News Staff Writer

Developers who want to do a mammoth sports and entertainment complex centered on the SBC Center had their coming-out party Tuesday at the Red Berry Mansion.

The catered news conference announced a vision in its nascent stage, said HollyHills Chairman Dan Bailey. He said the announcement was made early because of recent media attention to HollyHills activities.

Bailey, along with Vice Chairwoman Marlene Bailey, CEO Joe Heitzler and EDAW design firm Principal Ken Ryan, sat before a green velvet curtain, surrounded by images of professional sports fields, a NASCAR track, shaded shopping venues and condominium towers on man-made lakes.

Phase I of the plan would include the NASCAR track, hotel, retail development, movie theaters, and colorful plants and landscape elements at major highway exits, Bailey said, and begin in about two years.

It would take in the city's Willow Springs Golf Course and the Red Berry Mansion, which owner Bill Tidwell has agreed to sell to HollyHills along with surrounding properties, many of which the Baileys have said they are in the process of buying.

Heitzler said it would be six months before they have estimates on the project's cost.

A single sports stadium can easily cost $500 million, so the whole plan, which developers say could take a decade to build out as population growth supports it, would likely run into the billions.

Reaction to the plan, which HollyHills has been privately shopping for months, was a mixture of admiration and skepticism.

Local commercial real estate broker Tom Rohde called it "the best real estate presentation I have ever seen." He also said, "I don't know where the money comes from."

District 2 City Councilwoman Sheila McNeil said she's excited about the developers' interest in investing in the long-neglected East Side but is cautious about the hurdles they face.

"This was an impressive press conference," McNeil said. "Maybe this can become a possibility."

With the panache that helped EDAW win a contract to redesign the grounds of Bexar County's arenas complex around the SBC Center, Ryan presented reporters and curious real estate professionals with a 3-D multimedia illustration of a 1,000-acre sports and entertainment complex that included water taxis, a signature bridge, hotel, resort and offices.

It's not all about developing multiple sports venues, Ryan said. "It's about creating great public spaces."

Mayor Phil Hardberger, who did not attend the news conference but had seen the plan Monday, said, "It's realistic if HollyHills has enough backing to get it done — these are major projects.

"I don't know enough about HollyHills to say whether they can do everything they're planning. Clearly, that's going to be their job — to get the funding."

Bailey said the project will require the efforts of the entire city and "all the people."

It's a plus that San Francisco-based EDAW is working with local firm Kell Muñoz Architects and others on the redesign of the county's property, Ryan said, and the company has included that factor in its concept for the long-neglected area from the beginning.

Ryan added that newly hired former Mayor Ed Garza would be taking the lead on the Bexar County work.

Kell Muñoz Chief Executive Officer Henry Muñoz said he wants to set up a firewall between the public project and the private one — at least for a while.

County Judge Nelson Wolff has said the county must focus first on its own site.

"I think it was very positive, what they're trying to do there," said Wolff, who did not attend the news conference but had seen versions of the plan. "There's still the unanswered question of, what do they expect the public sector to contribute."

Heitzler said he'll be meeting with venture capitalists to raise funds for the project and that should cover up to 80 percent of the costs.

"But we are looking for whatever support it takes," he said.

8:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The operative phrase for HollyHills being "their job — to get the funding." These people can't even pay the sales commissions to Briggs Ranch Grand Vacation Club employees. They have good ideas, but no knowledge or financial backing to get any of their clever ventures off of the ground.

8:29 PM  
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