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Friday, April 21, 2006

CG Mock Draft No. 1 (at least the top 10)

Okay, since the NFL draft is finally getting somewhat close, I thought I'd throw out my own mock draft for the first 12 picks:

1. Houston Texans - Reggie Bush, RB, USC - Forget all you've read about the Texans taking DE Mario Williams, or trading the pick, or whatever. Bush will be a Texan come draft day. He's the top prospect to come out in the last decade. His college highlights are on par with those of Barry Sanders. The guy is special, and he'll be showing his skills in Reliant Stadium for years to come.

2. New Orleans Saints - D'Brickashaw Ferguson, OT, Virginia - This pick just makes too much sense for the Saints. Why take Matt Leinart when you just signed Drew Brees to a big contract? Why take Mario Williams when you have quality guys like Will Smith at the same spot? The Saints just traded away their starting left tackle, and the Brick is a perfect slide-in for that spot. Plus, he'll help protect the Brees investment and create holes for a rejuvenated (hopefully) Deuce McAllister.

3. Tennessee Titans - Matt Leinart, QB, USC - The Titans are getting a QB in this draft, period. It's either Leinart, Vince Young, or Jay Cutler. Leinart would be a perfect fit for ex-USC offensive coordinator Norm Chow's offensive scheme, plus head coach Jeff Fisher has USC ties of his own. Young wouldn't fit here because of the situation with Steve McNair. Since McNair is Young's mentor, and with the Titans-McNair relationship in the toilet, bringing in McNair's protege just wouldn't make sense.

4. New York Jets - Mario Williams, DE, NC State - Why Williams? Because the Jets have signed two QBs already, and they traded away John Abraham in the offseason. Williams would be a perfect fit there. Of course, no matter who the Jets pick, Jets fans will be miffed and you'll hear some boos.

5. Green Bay Packers - AJ Hawk, LB, Ohio State - The Packers are headed for a rebuilding, and Hawk seems to be their guy from what I've read. I'd also go ahead a nd note that I don't think Brett Favre is coming back. He's waiting for some wholesale changes to make a last run at a Super Bowl, but current management just doesn't want to buy a year by mortgaging the next five. I'll also add that I think Hawk is the bust of the top 10. He is the second coming of Andy Katzenmoyer.

6. San Francisco 49ers - Vernon Davis, TE, Maryland - One of the biggest potential playmakers of the draft goes to a team that needs something to help last year's top pick, QB Alex Smith. Davis could be the next Antonio Gates. Or he could be the next Ben Watson.

7. Oakland Raiders - Vince Young, QB, Texas - I think Vince Young has a lot of potential to be great; of course, he also could be the next Aaron Brooks. Which is bad, since that'll be who he learns from as a Raider. Young has some great athletic gifts, but was in a college system that usually doesn't translate well in the pros. He's also got a sidearm delivery, happy feet and a tendency to force throws he shouldn't. But - he also possesses some great leadership intangibles, and a solid work ethic. If he does develop into a strong QB, he'll be tough to stop with RB Lamont Jordan and WRs Randy Moss and Jerry Porter at his disposal.

8. Buffalo Bills - Haloti Ngata, DT, Oregon - I guess the Bills could use a defensive tackle here. Honestly, I don't know much about the Bills other than they need help. And I don't know much about Ngata either. A toss up no matter how you slice it.

9. Detroit Lions - Michael Huff, CB, Texas - No word yet on whether Matt Millen will convert Huff to WR, since he always seems to take a WR in the top 10. (Which is probably why he always has a pick in the top 10.) Jokes aside, Huff is a solid, quality player who would be a great addition to any defensive backfield.

10. Arizona Cardinals - Jay Cutler, QB, Vanderbilt - What, you think Kurt Warner is going to make it though the season without an injury? Cutler could be the heir apparent to a potentially explosive offense, featuring new addition Edgerrin James alongside WRs Larry Fitzgerald and Anquan Boldin.


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