saints (n.) - NFL franchise presently based in New Orleans; boondoggle (n.) - an unnecessary or wasteful project or activity; saintsdoggle (n.) - the Saints' potential relocation situation in New Orleans, and the resulting boondoggle by Louisiana to keep the team from leaving

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Chargers take lead in running for L.A. spot; Of course, S.A. is interested

According to this article on, San Diego's mayor has told the city that it cannot afford to help pay for a new stadium for the Chargers, and that the team may be able to be freed from its lease with San Diego County by Jan. 1, 2007.

Through an amended lease the city will be considering, the team will have through the end of the year to seek a new lease with another location in San Diego County. After that point, however, the team would be free to negotiate a deal anywhere in the country.

This naturally includes Los Angeles, where the NFL will likely place a present franchise before the end of the decade.

And, of course, San Antonio has invited the Chargers to play in the Alamodome. (No word on whether they're waiting for an earthquake to devastate San Diego before taking in that city's team. Or whether S.A. mayor Phil Hardberger got the memo that the NFL doesn't want a team permanently residing in his city.)

So, at least for the moment, the Saints may have taken a back seat to another franchise in the NFL's quest for Los Angeles. (Of course, keep in mind that NFL commish Paul Tagliabue has stated that L.A. could house two teams. Stay vigilant and supportive, Saints fans...)

That, along with the return of New Orleans' only Fortune 500 headquarters to the CBD (Entergy), makes for a good week's worth of news for Saints fans.


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