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Thursday, September 21, 2006

S.A. Express-News quotes anonymous Benson friend: Saints in S.A. 'this time next year'

(Credit to Ashley Morris for sending me the link below - Thanks Ashley!)

Those vultures in San Antonio can't stop salivating over the Saints.

In today's San Antonio Express-News, columnist Buck Harvey pours cold water all over the feel-good story of the NFL season - the Saints' return to New Orleans this Monday night.

In his column entitled "Uplifting now, Saints still up in air", Harvey expresses that the Saints still could end up in San Antonio after all - perhaps even after this season.

While stating as a fact that the Saints "are still a franchise looking west," Harvey quotes a friend of Tom Benson's to say the following: "I think, this time next year, the Saints will be in San Antonio."

Thanks for that speculation. By the way, the source was not directly named. So, for all intents and purposes, it could be a made-up quote.

(Wouldn't put that past San Antonio's vulturistic sports media, which has rained a lot of hate on New Orleans and Louisiana over the past year.)

Of course, Harvey goes on to discredit the recent news of a full-season Saints sellout in New Orleans by writing, "Buying football tickets is not necessarily something to be proud of."

Gee - wasn't San Antonio spouting off about how its fans could support the Saints more than those in Louisiana after it sold 60,000 tickets to a single game last season? (That was because 30 percent of San Antonio businesses bought the heavily-discounted tickets, and there were also a lot of giveaways - see the quote in this post about tickets being "practically distributed under the wiper blades of parked cars".

I'd submit that buying the tickets, as opposed to giving them away to bolster a false attendance in hopes of stealing another city's NFL franchise, especially when that city is on its knees, is truly nothing to be proud of.

And, shame on Harvey for talking about what should or should not be something to be proud of, when virtually everything San Antonio has done with respect to the Saints has been shameful at best. As such, it's certainly not an authority on the "pride" subject.

But I digress.

Harvey quotes another anonymous San Antonio source to say that "the Saints people told him, long before any of this, not to believe anything they would say publicly about New Orleans," and that, "[i]n short: They had to go back, and they had to play along."

Harvey further writes that the anonymous source further says that he "thinks Benson will return to his original plan. He says, as evidence, you will never hear Benson commit to the future."

Stirring the pot even further, Harvey writes that Tom Benson is in a very sticky situation, writing from a pro-San Antonio perspective as follows: "After all, if Benson thinks New Orleans will take years to recover, and if Benson wants to relocate, wouldn't it have been easier for him if New Orleans fans hadn't responded as they have?"

All in all, it's a nasty piece by Harvey that does yet another in a long line of disservices from San Antonio to New Orleans with regard to the Saints.

Hey, Buck: Paul Tagliabue didn't want an NFL franchise there. I'm pretty sure Roger Goodell wouldn't want one there either. Jerry Jones wouldn't be too crazy about it either, since the Cowboys are training there and have a large mass of supporters there.

And besides, there's that pesky Los Angeles thing hanging out there too.

Here's to assuming that the next NFL relocation isn't to someplace random like San Antonio, but to someplace on everyone's map, like Los Angeles.

Didn't the Florida Marlins just turn San Antonio down as a relocation possibility too?

(Answer: yes.)

I hope Saints fans don't let this garbage get in their way of enjoying the return of their team to their hometown in their sold-out stadium. Hurricane victims will finally get a taste of something spectacular. The world will be watching Monday night on a Super Bowl-esque stage.

And San Antonio will be in the corner, trying to kill the buzz and steal the show.

Like they have the Saints.

Thanks a lot for raining on the makeshift Mardi Gras in a city that needs something to celebrate.

All I have to say is, I hope Earl Hickey is right about karma.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with you, the Saints will be in Los Angeles in 2010, not San Antonio.

4:45 PM  
Blogger Fitch N. DarDar said...

Screw San Antonio, but there is one fact that needs to be checked.

The Cowboys don't train in San Antonio anymore. Now they're in Oxnard, CA. I guess Jerry's tryin to corner the L.A. market along with Dallas and San Antonio.

9:41 PM  
Blogger dillyberto said...

All of this press is merely motivation to be more true Saints fans, you who call for the second string QB on the first incomplete.

Benson is a car dealer.

His "art of the deal" came from years in the show room. He is playing the Sales Manager while Rita is playing the salesperson.

She is the good cop. He is the bad cop.

The point is to motivate that ridiculous person we call GOV. to do her job.

2:19 PM  
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