saints (n.) - NFL franchise presently based in New Orleans; boondoggle (n.) - an unnecessary or wasteful project or activity; saintsdoggle (n.) - the Saints' potential relocation situation in New Orleans, and the resulting boondoggle by Louisiana to keep the team from leaving

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Saints in the Red?

This blurb comes from a recent edition of the St. Paul (MN) Pioneer Press:
"Some people remain convinced that Red McCombs will use some of the $600 million he received from the sale of the Vikings to Zygi Wilf to become a major investor in the New Orleans Saints and try to move them to San Antonio, where he resides."
As I have stated before, I don't believe the NFL would approve such a move, given the strongly stated goal of having a franchise in Los Angeles. But who knows? I guess we just need to have a little faith ;o).


Anonymous Christopher said...

You went through all the trouble to make a website to criticize the Saints and Tom Benson, or at least it appears that is your main motive, in their efforts to renegotiate with the State for a long term deal without having any understanding whatsoever for the current business aspect of the NFL, or business in general. Fan loyalty means nothing, and this doesn't bother me as a life long Saints fan and new season ticket holder. They can ask and should receive a new stadium because the market for NFL franchises allows it. The state of Louisiana's economy should have little bearing on keeping a precious and IRREPLACEABLE commodity and identity. I'll give you that Tom Benson is crazy, and he is an idiot owner whose says plenty of outlandish and contradictory remarks. But unfortunately, New Orleans Saints fans cannot keep the team in New Orleans and change the owner. It is ashame that season ticket sales have dropped, and I do understand why. But if you are going to criticize the current situation the Saints are in, try criticizing it from both sides. Our government officials are crying that the deal needs to be renegotiated because it is currently unfair to the state. Is this true? Absolutely. Does it matter? Absolutley not. They made the deal and are stuck with it. You and several others of ignorance "reporting" on this don't care to point out that Blanco's bargaining stance is absolutley ridiculous. Benson has the better deal and that is where the renegotians start, not from "fair" equal leverage for both sides because it doesn't exist. It saddens me that even those who go through the trouble such as yourself to "publish" information/opinion on the matter complain about the Saints possibly leaving, yet portray only one side, which is clearly the easiest side to criticize. Your actions do not assist in garnering support for keeping the Saints in New Orleans, which I would hope you supported. If that is contrary to your intentions, whether it be due to not being a Saints fan or some other reason, I congratulate you on your overall stupidity in failing to realize the immeasurable importance of supporting a professional franchise outside of being a mere "fan."

12:53 PM  
Blogger cg said...

I hope you read today's post about how the state has changed its position in negotiating with Benson in the past, and how he has not reciprocated those moves. Every time a renegotiation occurred in the past, Benson was in a less advantageous position, yet wanted to change the terms of the agreement with the state, and results were accomplished in Benson's favor. Now you claim the state is ridiculous for being in the same situation? Hogwash.

And like it or not, the state of Louisiana's economy has a direct bearing on whether the team stays put, because if the state can't come up with the annual payments to fund Benson, it's pretty obvious he'll leave. Simple as that.

Also, I understand what it is to support a professional franchise outside of being a fan, but when it borders on ridiculous and begs to get worse, I have a problem with that. I'd like to Saints to stay in New Orleans, but there is a price too high to pay for this state to keep them here. If Benson really wants it to happen, it can. The onus is on him, especially since he killed the last round of negotiations. (And if he pulls the rug out from underneath every Saints loyalist, then I want them to know it's coming. Nobody deserves to be treated like Baltimore Colts fans, or Houston Oilers fans, or the old Cleveland Browns fans.) So there's my perspective.

And speaking of fans - fan loyalty means a tremendous amount in terms of maintaining profitability and credibility in any sport. Without fans, there are no professional sports. If every NFL team alienated all of their fans, the NFL would cease to exist. That might be bad for business.


2:40 PM  
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