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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Bush thanks N.O. for support in T-P ad

In a move similar to that of Drew Brees some months ago, newly-drafted Saints tailback Reggie Bush (I love writing that) took out an ad in the Times-Picayune this week to thank the city of New Orleans for the tremendous support it has shown him since being drafted.

The ad's text reads as follows:
"THANK YOU NEW ORLEANS. The welcome and support that I have received from the organization, the City of New Orleans, and the entire Saints community has been amazing. I am both excited and ready to do whatever I can to help this team and community move forward. There is a resilient, hopeful, and winning attitude in New Orleans and with the Saints, that is contagious. I'm looking forward to an amazing career in New Orleans.

Reggie Bush
New Orleans Saint"
Great job by Reggie to give props to everyone there.

Now, if he can just get signed to a contract so we can all see him in the black and gold...


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